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True North Professional Development guides you and your team to accelerated business success. We are Knowledge Warriors, Wisdom Purveyors, Thought Provokers, Perception Changers, Trusted Advisors, and Peers.

We can help you create definitive professional development plans to better leverage employee talent and reach your end goals.

Do these issues
sound familiar?

  • Unmotivated and unhappy employees
  • Underperforming teams
  • Gaps between current performance and what’s truly possible
  • Employees in dire need of “leadership” training that allows them to step into their roles and responsibilities
  • Current projects aren’t fulfilling on the organization’s vision

Our Success-Minded Leader programs provide three tried-and-true Leadership Development/Coaching solutions to successfully tackle these issues.

Training Support

Leading a large team is a complex balancing act. We help you identify performance issues, streamline processes, produce better consistency in order to transform employee skills, behaviors, and competency to accelerate execution.

We believe focusing on key professional development areas will help you create resilient leaders, build stronger communication/collaboration, enhance productivity, enrich morale, elevate company culture, and greatly improve revenue and bottom-line profits.

Small Business

We understand it can be tremendously challenging running a small business. We know it’s sometimes hard to let go of the small details, and difficult to truly know if you have the right people in the right roles. We provide the proper assessments and training to help you create clear processes you can trust, communicate more effectively with your team, and create an environment where you can be confident in delegating tasks.


You want your career to be a fulfilling journey where you can make an impact, but sometimes you feel like a fish out of water or stuck wondering exactly what to do next. We can help you take charge of your career by providing our professional development toolbox to assess where you are, determine where you want to be, and effectively plan how to get there.

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To guide you and help you reach your True North. With our toolbox of training, self-development exercises and coaching, you and your team will communicate more dynamically, make better decisions and work more effectively as a team.Whether you are a large company, small business or individual professional, True North has the best assessments, development tools, and coaching strategies to help you grow and thrive.


  • Leadership Development/Coaching with our
    Success Minded Leader Programs
  • Performance Coaching
  • Everything DISC® and Myers Briggs/MBTI Facilitation
  • Management Development
  • Employee Competency Framework
  • 360 Feedback Review Process
  • High Potential Programs
  • Sales Process Structure Development
  • Consultative Selling Techniques
  • Sales Quality Measures
  • Sales Performance Enhancement / Coaching
  • Customer Service Measures / Training
  • Instructional Design

OUR Clients Include:

Professional Development
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Accelerate Performance

I worked closely with Kevin for over four years, and during that time, his support and leadership were the benchmark of how other departments were measured. Kevin and his team consistently supported the development plans/training plans of over 2600 individuals. He designed development plans for the Senior Leadership team and their direct reports ensuring that they addressed/developed "blind spots" in their skills to accelerate performance and to execute more cohesively as a team. Kevin was also responsible for designing/developing/executing our National Sales Summit managing everything from the agenda to the theme to the P&L.

Mark Dahlquist Senior Director of Sales and General Manager