What is True North?

In scientific and navigational terms, True North is the precise path from your current location toward the geographic North Pole. While compasses point toward the magnetic pole of the earth, that path varies from geographic North – the true axis of the earth. Finding True North is essential for precision navigation.

True North Professional Development LLC will help guide you to the destination you are seeking. We are dedicated to helping businesses and individuals recognize and leverage the talents within their teams, improve communication, foster a coaching culture and improve productivity.

Meet Kevin Barrett

Leadership Coach / Business Educator /
President of True North Professional Development LLC

Kevin Barrett is a highly accomplished Leadership Coach and Learning and Development Professional with more than two decades of global experience in leadership coaching, leadership development, strategic planning, and sales performance enhancement. He has a proven track record in building strong strategic and tactical partnerships at all organizational levels.

Kevin asks compelling questions to challenge individual and group think and provides constructive feedback to help guide his clients to their best strategic decision. His collaborative style sets the stage for long-term positive change.

Kevin has developed phenomenally successful sales competency certification programs. His expertise on improving sales competency, sales performance management and sales coaching has resulted in happier customers, a more disciplined sales force, and significant sales increases.

Kevin’s training facilitation, curriculum development and project management capabilities have been recognized by Fortune 500 clients such as IBM, American Express, Getty Images, Pillsbury, Cargill Corporation, General Mills and 3M. He has effectively managed and developed internal and customer-facing training/instructional design teams.

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Thoughtful, Intelligent, and Insightful

Kevin is a rare individual that is so thoughtful, intelligent, and insightful. Whenever Kevin speaks you should listen carefully, as you will always want to hear what he has to say. I really enjoy working with Kevin. If you have the chance to do so -- you'll be richly rewarded!

Jim Warren Senior Vice President of Merchandising