The Importance of Building Leadership Skills

Leadership Skills

The Importance of Building Leadership Skills

As the pressure of The Great Resignation has heated up, managers have been feeling the pressure and are leaving in greater and greater numbers – often leaving for non-management roles. This is leaving a vacuum of management across Corporate America and is a real threat to the future success of many companies.

For the managers that remain, the challenge is building. In many cases these managers were promoted because they were the best salesperson, or the best accountant and they soon discover that the skillset that got them promoted is not the skillset that will help them succeed as a leader.

Humu, a workplace organizational services firm that analyzed data from 90,000+ employees to better understand what managers need in 2022 reports:

  • Managers’ jobs are 10 times harder than before the pandemic. These leaders are struggling to retain staff, hire new staff, and maintain team productivity and performance.
  • Managers are looking for other opportunities. They are two times more likely to be looking for new jobs than their employees.
  • Poor performing managers are only getting worse. Managers who were not performing well before the pandemic have performing worse throughout it and companies are tolerating their poor performance rather than leave an open management position.

Add to this, the fact that leaders are worn out from dealing with the pandemic and the resulting shift to remote and hybrid workforces, which challenge their abilities to manage in new and different ways. These leaders need help in understanding how to communicate, motivate, performance manage and build team/company culture in remote and hybrid situations.

Understanding and implementing diversity, inclusion and psychological safety have become extremely important in today’s workplace and significantly more challenging for leaders to manage in current work environments. Managers need primers and practice to ensure they can meet these demands.

Given the number of management positions now available in the marketplace, standard leadership/management skills are also in great need: providing effective feedback, managing conflict, project management/organizational skills, effective performance management, coaching, and building/managing strategy…among many, many others.

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