Why Coaching?

Imagine you are traveling and have rented a car. You get in the driver’s seat and start the ignition. Suddenly you realize that this car has no mirrors; no way to aid your view behind the vehicle or to either side.  What concerns would you have?

In our day-to-day work, we often don’t know what we don’t know. We don’t know how narrow our perception is. And our perception, or lack there of, causes problems that can arise without warning.

Or maybe we know there are problems. We can feel them intuitively, however we can’t perceive how to fix them. We need a guide to help us maneuver through the issues.

Professional coaching provides great benefits: new perspectives on personal challenges, communicating more dynamically, making better decisions, working more effectively with colleagues and increasing self-confidence.  It can also make huge positive impacts on productivity, satisfaction with work and life, and reaching important goals.

Coaching is a process of gaining knowledge and clarity for forward action with a commitment to measurable outcomes. We believe that each individual has capability to discover the solutions that best fit their issues and our job is to help guide them to those solutions.

Kevin Barrett, Certified Leadership Coach

“Coaching helps broaden your perception, build stronger critical thinking skills, improve your decision-making skills and better position you to more effectively deal with issues in the future.”

~ Kevin Barrett
Certified Leadership Coach

Do these issues sound familiar?

  • Unmotivated and unhappy employees
  • Underperforming teams
  • Gaps between current performance and what’s truly possible
  • Employees in dire need of “leadership” training that allows them to step into their roles and responsibilities
  • Current projects aren’t fulfilling on the organization’s vision

Who Benefits from Coaching?

Coaching Exec - Business Owner

Executives, Business Owners, Managers and Individual Contributors

  • Who want to be more productive, efficient and effective
  • Who need help streamlining processes
  • Who need help working cross-functionally
  • Who have struggled building a strong team culture or morale
  • Who need help getting out of their own way

New and Developing Managers/Supervisors

  • Who have had minimal or ineffective management training
  • Who need support assimilating within their team
  • Who are struggling to engage and motivate team members
  • Who need help delegating effectively
  • Who feel overwhelmed with morale issues on their team
  • Who need to ramp up quicker than time allows
New Manager Coach

Assessment Tools

Assessment tools are a highly effective way to help identify key areas of strength and opportunity for any client.

We offer customized assessment support:

Success Coach MSFA
Kevin Barrett Coaching

Kevin Barrett, Certified Leadership Coach

Kevin is a highly accomplished Leadership Coach and Learning and Development Professional with more than two decades of global experience in leadership development, strategic planning, and sales performance enhancement. He has a proven track record in building strong strategic and tactical partnerships at all organizational levels.

Kevin’s coaching clients include executives, business owners, middle managers, and individual contributors. He works with them to improve decision-making, leadership skills, communication skills, conflict resolution, and change management. Kevin asks compelling questions to challenge individual perspectives/groupthink and provides constructive feedback to help lead the client to their best strategic decision. His collaborative style sets the stage for long-term positive change.

Kevin is certified in the Integral Coach Program from New Ventures West and is a graduate of the Coaching for Greater Effectiveness Program at the Center for Creative Leadership. He is the owner and a certified coach for the Success-Minded Leader coaching programs.

“Kevin is one of the best executive coaches that I have had the opportunity to work with, and that I highly recommend, if your company is in need of a turnaround or just needs to take its performance to the next level.”

~ Senior Director of Sales and General Manager
Mark Dahlquist

Learn about Success-Minded Leader

Our Immersive and Transformative Leadership Development Training/Coaching Programs.

Our Success-Minded Leader programs are built on a foundation of solid qualitative research into how people realize success, personally and professionally. The programs combine leadership training, self-reflection, a self-designed success initiative and group/individual coaching to produce more engaged, self-directed, innovative, and accountable leaders that produce consistently remarkable results.

Success-Minded Leader programs are well-researched and proven with our Fortune 500 clients. We focus on growing people who grow your business.

See what our attendees say about the benefits of Success-Minded Leader programs: