Small Business

With over 30 million small businesses in the United States, we believe these organizations are the heart and soul of our country.


  • Our acclaimed Success Minded Leader programs
  • Training for frontline employees (to build skills, teamwork and collaboration)
  • Performance coaching
  • DiSC or Myers-Briggs assessments
  • Creating a better workflow
  • Learning proper delegation techniques
  • Better communication with frontline workers
  • Creating a structure to develop employee talent

We know that often in small businesses, it’s difficult for owners to delegate tasks because you have so much invested in the company. But this skill is imperative to running a successful business.

When you have put every ounce of yourself into your business, we understand that you want daily operations to run efficiently and effectively. We help small businesses OVERCOME ANY OBSTACLES which may be hindering efficiency, get back onto a positive path, and achieve your desired goals.

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Accelerate Performance

I worked closely with Kevin for over four years, and during that time, his support and leadership were the benchmark of how other departments were measured. Kevin and his team consistently supported the development plans/training plans of over 2600 individuals. He designed development plans for the Senior Leadership team and their direct reports ensuring that they addressed/developed "blind spots" in their skills to accelerate performance and to execute more cohesively as a team. Kevin was also responsible for designing/developing/executing our National Sales Summit managing everything from the agenda to the theme to the P&L.

Mark Dahlquist Senior Director of Sales and General Manager