Success-Minded Leader Changed the Way I Lead

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The Power of Success-Mindsets

I enrolled in the Success-Minded Leader program with the goal of realizing better results (and success!) as a business leader.

After the first course, I quickly realized this program would focus on strengthening the leader within and unlocking my potential through nine success mindsets. It was also clear to me that Kevin is a skilled facilitator, and the cohort dynamics of the program were very positive.

After going through the program, it is impossible to not recognize the immense power in being able to control one’s response to the world by leveraging the mindsets shared in the program. Your mindset is the foundation for every success and failure you have had or will have, and personal accountability is integral to being a great leader. It is not only because you are a manager that respect is given, it is through support and true leadership this lasting respect flourishes.

The Impact on My Leadership

My journey through the program included so much more than just business relationships and results. I also became a more connected human being. My personality skews towards results (DiSC style: DC). As a leader, it is critical to recognize that people are the catalyst of results and people will create better results for a leader they genuinely respect (People Leave Managers, Not Companies ( Through this program, I shifted my defaults from results to people, and focusing on their needs to find ways to support their development.

I now respect the power of the pause instead of immediacy and action for action’s sake. I take the time to reflect on the situation (as the situation allows) to identify different mindsets I will need to leverage to get my team, and the business, to realize success in any number of situations. I recognized that through genuine dialogue with my team that although they felt supported and heard, there were times they weren’t being provided with the right direction to be successful.

After listening to my team’s needs, we restructured project briefs to deliver the needed context and guardrails for the team to be efficient and successful. Being able to deliver quality work on the first time in any professional field and discipline is incredibly valuable in today’s business world. That is what the Success-Minded Leader program delivers.


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